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Redefining Interiority

[Site: Vatican City]   
Jan.-May. 2019
Instructor: Gillermo Banchini
Course: Pratt Rome Travel Studio 402

Individual Work

How do aquatic animals and birds perceive home? This project, Ocean and Air, marry the home of weaver birds and that of sardine as an attempt to rethink the idea of home. A multi-direction loom grants yarn structural integrity similar to how weaver birds select and bind strands of leaf fiber and grass; at the same time, it allows the weaver to pull the textile from different directions, similar to how a school of ever-morphing and shimmering sardine benefits from its eyes at all the directions to spot predators and change the swimming pattern of the group. As the viewer stretches the produced textile from different points and condenses it on various planes, it offers an evolving pattern and spatial reading.

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