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Reverberating Temporality

[Beirut, Lebanon]   
Aug. 2022 - Dec. 2022
Instructor: Lina Ghotmeh & Michael Surry Schlabs
Course: Yale Advanced Design Studio
Individual Work
Award: Feldman Prize Nomination 
Publication: Constructs Spring 2022 issue

In August 2020, the city and port of Beirut were wounded by an ammonium nitrate explosion. This project attends closely to the state and materiality of the site and attempts to reflect the poetics of a post-traumatic landscape in the process of casting and drawing. Physical mediums come with their own weight, the velocity of flow, and discoloration, which provide an embodied material richness that’s not present in the digital world. Here, abstract notions are translated as a dialogue between different mediums, simultaneously presenting constraints and possibilities. 

Both casting and watercolor drawing, given their liquid nature, provide a new understanding of landscape construction that’s not so much about control and precision but rather about harnessing the power of leakage.

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